Accessories for lifts

Support system

For permanent lifting ang long-term mounting a support system should be used. Lift the truck with the pit type lift and place it on the support system. The pit type lift can be rolled out and use it for other elevations.

Adjusting to the size of the mounting shaft, but also can be located at ground level, and can be placed in the “U” profile has a minimum size of 220 mm.

Two point lifting beam

The two-point auxiliary lift can be fitted into the hole of the pit lift’s piston and provides a telescopically adjustable support with a load capacity of 2 tons between 560-900 mm, the support with a load capacity of 8-10-12-13-15-20 tons has a sliding solution and can be adjusted between 0-800 mm.

Gearbox supporting and delivering

It is an adapter for the main pieces of vehicles are primarly gearboxes to lift and transport, universal design. The connector and clamping elements can be adjusted to the gearbox dimensions, not only adjustable but also tiltable. The adapter can be connected to the piston bore.

It has a load capacity of 0,6 kN, but it is also possible to other version.